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The Federal Government Shutdown and Your Business

No politics in this discussion.

GovDirections is celebrating its 11th year in 2018 so we've been through this before and thought we could share some insights on what the federal government shutdown means to your business.

First, the shutdown primarily impacts only the federal level at this point. A longer term shutdown could begin to have repercussions to state and local government contracts, but this appears unlikely.

Second, is working and active listings are still available and essential contracts will continue to be issued. is operational and fully available to users.

Third, in a somewhat different version this time, most agencies are reporting sufficient resources to operate temporarily and have told employees to follow their normal works schedule - at least for the first week of the shutdown.

Fourth, federal government contractors are affected and the longer the shutdown the more likely the impact will be serious and include monetary delays so plan accordingly.

Finally, no one really knows the length of the shutdown and the depth of the impact, but local and state contracts will not be impacted for some time so we encourage you to take a look at this opportunity in the near future.